There's so much we've to offer! We are a family Christian book store serving our community with God's work. We offer a wide selection of Christian books, Bibles, family movies, music, DVDs, gift items and so many other exclusive contents. We want to make our store a place where you can visit and buy inspirational material for yourself, your church, your family and for those you care about. We deal in online shipping of books from our book store. So can also order our Christian books, items and church material via online. Please visit our site to learn more about us, or you can click here to visit our online bookstore.

We are a resource-center widely equipped to meet you intellectual and spiritual needs. Apart from being a retail store, we are also a ministry. We provide ministry material to several churches in our area. Our mission is:

  • to provide individuals and churches with resources to fulfill their needs through God's word, inspirational books and gifts.
  • to become a profitable organization so that we can continue the ministry we perform.
  • to advance the faith of our community through distribution and retailing of Christian material.
  • to inspire our employees to feel as a part of our mission.

We are proud to be a leading distributor among the Christian book stores with a wide quality selection, a friendly customer service and support. We want to equip you with the mission to inspire, to educate the lost and hurting, to show compassion and to Share God's love. We have chosen donate a part of our profits to support several organization and charities. To read more about us from please visit our website.

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You want to be able to understand different aspects of God’s teachings, and this why you would want to go to a Christian book store. A good Christian book store can give you the knowledge to look at things from a new perspective. Go to this website in order to get that new perspective, it can be all about enlightenment. You have to be able to make sure that you know how to read a lot of scripture if you are going to begin to teach the word of God.


People like to pick out Biblical verses, attaching them to real world teachings. You want to be able to find people that can discuss Christian teachings with you. A Christian book store can play a role in your ability to do this. Some people are looking for inspiration when they go to a Christian book store. Some of these people may find parallels between their lives and the life of Jesus Christ. It is not too much to ask to people that are a part of a book club to discuss some of their views tied to a Christian book. The Christian book store is going to create a lot of opportunities for honest discussions.


You want to be able to have fun when reading a book, but you could also be looking at some very serious prose. The prose that you are reading could even read like famous authors from any century. The message of God stays consistent for many people. Click here in order to learn how consistent it seems over the decades.

Owning a bookstore isn’t for everyone, especially since ebooks are widely available.  In this video by CSPAN, a bookstore owner talks about her experiences owning and running a bookstore.